About me - White Tail Pictures


Hi, I'm Anastasija.

When I was a teenager, I had a friend who owned a good camera.

It was 2005 and pocket-sized, compact cameras were at the peak of their popularity. She, however, had a larger semi-professional Fuji, which got carried around everywhere we went. We would take pictures of each other at home, in the park or at the seaside, and we'd often act like this was a professional photo shoot.

Time went by, we grew up and apart. She never went on to become a photographer.

But I did.

Today, photography is what I live and breathe. There is an expensive, professional kit in my bag and a couple hundred gigabytes worth of photo shoots on my hard drive. Little surprise that people is still my favourite subject to capture. I repeat to all of my models like mantra: be unique. Celebrate your differences. Be proud of your achievements. Tell your story.

Curiously, my aim is still the same as all these years ago: to show each person that I photograph their best side.

After all, it is a pretty special job.

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